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League Rules and Policies

PROFANITY - 1st warning for excessive profanity will result in a 10 yard penality.
2nd penalty for excessive profanity will result in a 10 yard penalty and loss of down.
3rd penalty for excessive profanity will result in a 10 yard penalty, loss of down and ejected of player/coach in charge of team.
Excessive profanity thru-out the season will result in the COACH or PLAYER getting suspended.

ILLEGAL FLAGS: Wrapping, tying, or in any securing the flags to the uniform or belt; other than precribed by rule, or intentionally removing a flag during play is illegal.
PENALTY: Loss of 10 yards and possible diqualification of player.

BLOCKING: Blockers must be in their feet before, during, and after contact is made with an opponent. (two on one blocking is not allowed at any time). Blocking is only permitted between the waist and shoulder, with open hands, there should be no cross body blocking , and no down field blocking. When using a hand or forearm block, the elbow must be outside the shoulder. The blockers hand may not be locked. The blocker may not swing, throw, or flip the elbow or forearm.
PENALTY: Loss of 10 yards

QB PROTECTION: QB must be protected at all times. Rougher the passer will result in a 10 yard penalty and automatic first down. Rushers go for the flags not the ball.

PASSING: Unlimited passes may be thrown behind the line of scrimmage. A backward pass is dead once it hits the ground at that spot.

PASS INTERFERENCE: Pass Interference on the Offense is a lost of 10 yards and lost of down. Pass Interference on the Defense is a spot foul, if P.I. is in the endzone the ball is place at the 1 yard line.

SHORTS: Make sure all players shorts have no pockets. The pockets cannot be tape or the shorts turned inside out. The pockets must be sewned together.

HURDLING: No hurdling, except to avoid a player on the ground. Ball is dead at the spot.

LEGAL CATCH: Both feet inbound.

REMOVING THE FLAG: In an attempt to deflag a ball carrier, the defensive players may contact the body and shoulder of the runner with their hands, but may not hold, push, or intentionally knock the runner to the ground or out bounds in an attempt to deflagged the runner. Removing the flag from an offensive player, who do not have the ball is UNSPORTSMANLIKE and is a 15 yard penalty and may be disqualified from game.

FLAG GUARDING: The ball carrier may not push, strike, or slap a players hand while attempting to deflag the ball carrier.

PENALTY: Loss of 10 yards, if penalty occurred after the 1st down it will be from the spot of the penalty and remain 1st down, if not a 1st down, it will be loss of 10 yards and loss of down.

LIVE BALL OFFENSE: The snapped of the ball from the center to the QB is allowed one hop as long as the ball is in front of the QB, if the snapped goes over the QB head and hit the ground the ball is dead at that spot.

LIVE BALL KICKOFFS: The ball is live on kickoffs once it passes the receiving team line of scrimmage an is within the boundary lines of the field. The ball becomes dead once touched by either team. A touch by eitehr is considered a recovery.

INADVERTANT WHISTLE: The team with the ball may choose to accept the play at that point or replay the down.

TOUCHDOWN: Both flags must cross the goal line to be a touchdown, not the ball.

LAST MAN: According to VFFA rules, there is no touchdown allowed, if the last man automatic hold, push, or tackle a ball carrier to the ground.

PENALTY: 15 yards and automatic first down, or the offensive team can decline the penalty base on the spot where the foul occurred an accept the play.

Altering flags (shortening, greasing, securing, etc. is a serious offense in Flag Football and cannot be condoned in any way.
If flags become faulty through use, they should be replaced at once.

Page 7, Article 4: Talks about this kind of thing. "Wrapping, tying, or in any way securing the flags to the uniform or belt, other than prescribed by rule, or intentionaly removing a flag during play, is illegal: Penalty: 10 yards AND POSSIBLE DISQUALIFICATION."
Page 41. Section 2, Unfair Acts, Article 1. "....if a play is interfered with by an obviously unfair or unsportsmanlike act not specifically covered by the rules:....the Referee may enforce any penalty he considers equitable..." (which could be Unsportsmanlike Conduct & 15 yards and/or disqualification). Furthermore, each league may determine, based upon circumstances or existing policy, whether or not additional actions (suspensions / fines / etc.) are warrented. - RCJ

22SEP13 - No player can play with a different team at any given time on the same day, if, a player is known to be on a certain team, he can not play with another team, if he do he will remain on that team, until the deadline roster is due and the player will sit out all remaining games until the team rosters is turn in.
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